Rulik Perla, PhD, MFT

Rulik__PerlaRulik Perla brings to the therapy relationship a soulful dimension and a wealth of diverse life experiences that enables him to meet you where you are with a profound depth of being. He is a trained musician and composer, a highly regarded software designer, an experienced sailor, a resident and student of many international cultures, a life-long and committed spiritual practitioner, and a loving, happy father and husband. His work is inspired by various traditions, teachers, and mentors. Some examples are: Milton Erickson, C. G. Jung, Marion Woodman, Thomas Moore, Clarissa P. Estes, Stephen Gilligan, and Eric Greenleaf. Buddhist psychology, Greek mythology, and Jewish wisdom also inform and affect his work. Rulik works with adults, individuals and couples. The therapy often relates to life transitions, spiritual confusion, depression, anxiety and career changes. He works relationally, from a transpersonal perspective. Rulik uses Presence Therapy that includes focusing, trance work, story-telling, non-violent communication, dream-work, voice dialogue and when applicable, cognitive interventions. With couples, a commitment is made to the needs and wishes of the couple as a unit with great care to not take sides. Rulik pays special attention to cultural background, especially with couples of mixed cultures.
Biographical Summary: Rulik’s professional work is shared between counseling and psychotherapy with clients in private practice, supervising and training therapy interns, and adding human dimension to the working of high-tech companies. Born in Israel in 1955. Graduated in Music & Philosophy from the Tel Aviv University. Worked professionally as a software designer in England, Belgium, Israel, & United States. Graduated from John F Kennedy University, MS in Counseling Psychotherapy. Completed his PhD in Clinical Psychology at Meridian University. Mentored with Eric Greenleaf PhD, Stephen Gilligan PhD, and Gary Hoeber MFT. Rulik is an associate of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area and a member of CAMFT.