Fathers Of Teenage Daughters

Fathers of teenage daughters

Girls are often at the peak of their self esteem just before puberty.
From that point onwards, it takes a painful decline. That trend might end only in the early twenties. The culture offers a young woman little choice between the archetypes of “Virgin Mary” and “Maria Magdalena”.

A girl is often rejected by her father right when she starts to become a woman. He might be afraid or threatened by that change. More often than we would like to admit, there is actual abuse. Most girls receive the unconscious message that there is something wrong with their sexuality.

In this workshop, fathers explore their connection and communication with their daughters.

We develop awareness and practice tools that lead to supporting our daughters as they become confident and healthy women.
Each one of our meetings has a theme. We share personal stories, ask questions, listen to fairy tales and myths and converse around that theme. Some of these themes are: being a man, being a woman, family, relationship and intimacy, communication, growth and change. Love has to be in each and every conversation.

A teenage girl who maintains her self esteem and self respect:
knows her boundaries, wears her sexuality with pride,
and encourages a teenage boy to become a real man.